Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 5 (onto Lake Erie!)

It was sadly time to leave Ohio.  Got up and left as it was a five hour drive ahead of us.  And in the RV, time seems to go more slowly.  We got lost. More than once.  Finally found our barrings and stopped off at the local Walmart for supplies.  With a long trip, we can only take so much food.   Mid-way through a long trip, we take a detailed list in and buy supplies/ food.  Otherwise, you'd spend a fortune.  Way we keep costs down on these trips.  Would have been fine too had Irina not practically screamed it's not chocolate Mom, it's POOP!!"  She was referring to Sofie who umm, well, accidents happen, even on trips.  Just par for the course.  Just wished it wasn't in Walmart.  Almost every kid in America has one of those stories.  Well, this is hers.  Years from now, thank goodness, it will be forgotten. 

We arrived late in the day and knew we would. Drove through all sorts of storms to get there after wally World.  So, got the RV set up as usual and campsite and then went exploring a bit on the lake.  

You will find out soon enough why this stupid dead fish is important.  

Was yucky weather that night so we ended up just having salad and potato salad for dinner.  And well, munchies and a movie.   Kept it simply on Monday just settling in.  Time to hit the hay and then go to the beach the next day.  

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