Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 4 (last day of Bulgarian Reunion)

After a night of such good times, it was coming time to say good bye to folks.  Always tough to do. 

Morning we had breakfast and everyone cleaned up the rental tent and put away food.  Nik had the circle to ride so loved it.  Is always hard to say goodbye to people who you are truly close to.  This is NOT just a Bulgarian Reunion. I know that is the title but we're all more like family.  Many adoptees from various countries.  Great experience for adoptees and non-adoptees.

Some families, like us, opt to stay one more day before travelling again.  Well, a few of us families headed to the splash park again.

I swear Nik could stay in the water for hours if you let him.  Actually, he has and we do at home.

Love this picture of Summer with the popsicle.  Just represents the season for sure.

These two were inseperable during the entire reunion and beyond.  He is also deaf and him and Nik were best of buds instantly.  Was so much fun to watch Nik interact.  A rarity seen in Nik.  They rode bikes the whole time, watched movies in the RV, hung out, etc.  Going to Skype them soon.  His family recently moved.

Sofie getting tired.   Can you tell?  She loves ice cream as well.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?!  She loves anything with sugar.  LOL.

Sofie as a result of the Bulgarian Reunion.  She was beat.  

Summer just hanging out.  Love this campground in Ohio.  Beautiful place Winton Woods is.  My kids ripstick all day long.  Literally.  Really wish we had another ripstick.  Hoping to find one one day at a yardsale.  my kids just LOVE them.  

And bike riding is a hit too.  We have to borrow bikes as there is no way we could feasibly take all our bikes with us.  

Max even tried the ripstick out for awhile.  I mean we go all night long w/ activities.  

The last day was awesome.  We spent it with some dear friends whom we hope we will have Thanksgiving with.  They too have ten kids so makes for some interesting conversation.  We all combined our lunches and food and ate together that last day.  Sunday.  In addition, went to the splash park again and hung out with a few other families in the evening just talking.  Kids had a blast together.  Was just simply refreshing to go.  We need this every year.  We really do.

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