Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 3 (Day 2 in Ohio)

After a long night of fun for everyone, it was time to wake up and go get some breakfast.  There were games planned for the day, a visit to a splash park, a pot luck, dinner and just fellowship with so many other families.  And a sunny day to boot.  Sorry pics are sparse but can't show houseguest and also can't show the other kids at the reunion.  Trouble is, all are friends so hard to get shots w/ out others in it.  LOL. 

Irina and Summer at the shaving cream station.  Kids loved this for sure.

 Nik seeing how high up he can get the shaving cream. 

Yana in the hula hoop contest.  She lasted a very long time.  Know it was over 5 minutes if I recall.

Nik getting ready to start one of the race games.

Alyona being, well, Alyona.  

Tree of Life sponsored ice cream cones at the splash park this year.  Huge hit!  Adults too!  Delicious ice cream to boot.  I had carmel.  This was cotton candy I think for Summer.

Nik at the playground.  Someone threw up at the splash park so it was shut down for clean up for thirty minutes.

Sofie getting ready to make her move.

After all that playing, we needed a cool break.  In the RV for the movie Frozen.  Nik's friend came to watch as well.  We had kids in and out of our RV most the time there.  This was before we went to the potluck dinner that evening.  This was all Saturday's festivities.  

Logan had a long day.  Can you tell?  Teens all hung out together for the most part.  Lots of dancing going on.  DJ of sorts this year.  Well, out of one of the cars but the teens all didn't mind. They were teaching all kinds of dances and just lots of laughter.  Was nice.  Oh, and glow sticks for any age are always a hit.  And let's not forget glow in the dark bubbles.  Just a lot of fun going on.  Adults chit chatting too.  Pleasant evening.  We all had a great time that Saturday.  Next day is Sunday. 

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  1. Should have gotten a picture of Summer and the glow in the dark bubbles.....she loved those! Now you know what to get her for her birthday and Christmas!