Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Vacation-- arriving in Ohio

And we left WVA and were off to Ohio for the annual Bulgarian Reunion!  It is not just a reunion.  It is a family.  We speak all year, many of us online and in person.  We visit when we can.  Our kids have formed close bonds.  It is wonderful.  If you haven't gone, you need to go.  Next year is the 5th Bulgarian Reunion.

Nik hit is off with another friend of his that also happens to be deaf.  The two of them were inseperable the entire weekend.  Was wonderful to see.  

We arrived and storms came in but that wasn't going to stop the fun.  Nik trying to catch raindrops.

Bojan being goofy with his hair.  Told him he needed to go back a few decades.

Sofie with her rose from the magic show.  The kids enjoyed that little show.  So many activities for the kids to do at the reunion.

Sofie indulging in icecream.  We had an ice cream social that evening.  Yum.  Great way to get to know folks and that was only day one.  You have people thinking about adopting, some in process and some home.  Great mix of folks.  Lots of teens there too.  This was all day one there.  A Friday.  Next morning was breakfast and a fun filled day of games and a trip to the splash park. 

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