Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nik's Evaluation at CIDD

Okay, so Nik had an evaluation done at UNC on Monday.  An all day affair.  Boring for the parents for anyone going after us.  I will cut to the chase.  we are no further ahead than we were when we went.  Wow, started this back in May as his eval was the beginning of May.  The CIDD stands for the Center for Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.  It gives a team approach of how you should go forward for your child to better help them in life.  They have psychologists, behaviorists, etc.  They gather info from parents and teachers and evaluators the day you go.  And it is literally all day long.  Very boring for parents for those going in the future.  But truly, I felt I learned nothing and I felt like they were reaching for a reason to blame for the way he was.  "well, do you read to him?"  Everyday I said.  "do you read at least 20minutes?"  At least.  Well, read more.  "Does he play a lot of video games?"  No, he's very much an outdoorsy kind of kid.  Well, he could be outside more.  "Does he receive therapy?"  Yes, both private and at school.  You can increase his time?  No, he's maxed out.  We also practice with him every night.  I was answering questions that I think they thought I wouldn't be able to answer.  You could tell the lady giving me the 'speech' was all for cued speech. And I have NOTHING against that.  However, I do have a problem w/ folks only giving you biased ideas.  If the evaluator signs, it's use sign.  If they are auditory verbal, do that.  If they cue, you must cue.  You get the idea.  I just want someone to give us more direction than we've already gotten.  Over these last few years, it seems to change all the time.  Sign, oral, auditory verbal, cued, total communication, etc.  It is hard to decide what is right when you get such varying opinions.  We are going total communication route.  Period.  We had to make a decision and go with it.  Though, Nik is getting much better at talking lately. 

On to the autsim bit. Here's what they said.  They don't want to take away the autism dx that the neurologist says he has as he has a lot of qualities of autism.  However, they are not sure they'd say it is that or not.  More PDD-NOS possibly.  In other words, not sure, no further along than before.  Frustrating.

I was hoping to get a step by step plan.  I did not. Mostly stuff we either already do or already know.  Maybe we were expecting too much.  Not sure. At least we have something to give the school if nothing else.  I may try a behavior therapist and see if they have suggestions.  It's hard to want more help for your child but not knowing just how to go about getting it.  Help on things that maybe we haven't thought of yet or don't know.  Keeping fingers crossed that we can research more and find ways to help Nik succeed in life even more.  Suggestions are very welcomed. 


  1. They have a new autism center at Duke you might want to look into.

  2. Really hope you get some answers soon on Nik! Keep posting I check daily for updates! I understand you are busy but I love your stories!