Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Miscellaneous Pics

Today is Wednesday.  Kids had friends over. Max and Logan were helping a new neighbor fix up their house.  Irina and Yana were working.  Some swam, rode bikes, ripstick, etc.  Recently, I have not had time to check out local yardsales or consignment shops for obvious reasons.  Little Guy needs a lot of attention at the current time.  So, my finding deal days are not as frequent.  Well, put a request out to locals but maybe others can keep an eye out as well.  My kids LOVE the outdoors.  Understatement of the year.  They just do.  Hence, we invest more in outdoor items.  Bikes, pool, swingset, trampoline, and the like.  Boys love the ripstick and the skateboard.  They all share and truly need more than one of both those items.  They were even looking up skateboard wheels to try to see if they could replace just those.  Needs bearings too. Anyhow, if any of  you see a super deal on either a skateboard or ripstick, please let me know.  I want to keep encouraging outdoor play but yet retail prices are just out of reach at the moment.  Thanks for being on the lookout.  Back to miscellaneous pics.

Umm, this one has been rather lazy lately.  Working on it.  Alex.  He is taking the lazy days of summer all too seriously.  Trying to find him some volunteer work.  

Bojan and Logan playing checkers.  Bojan is really into chess though.  He's been teaching some of his sibs.  Plays against the computer too and challenges himself.  He wants to start a chess club in school as well.  Hope he can.  Good mental game.  My parents said they have a chess set they're going to give him which will be awesome. 

Sofie and Nik enjoying a hotel bed.  A rarity for us to be in a hotel.  We got home from vacation.  Got a call on Monday to be in another state on Tuesday.  Found care for 10 of the kids.  Could have found it for these two as well but these two are more 'high maintenance' and Sofie is a mommy's girl anyhow.  Plus, after just returning from our vacation of being in the RV for 9 days straight, NONE of the other kids wanted to travel.  LOL. 

Max has been busy building and putting stuff together for us.  This was one of the items.  Yes, it's a crib.  More later on this topic.  Little Guy is sleeping in it as I type this.

Alex requested a dirt cake for his birthday.  Cake, pudding, oreo cookies and gummy worms.  Can you say sweet?

Logan helping Sofie get into the pool.  He really has changed this summer.  I will have to do a transformation update on him soon.

 Sofie deciding to eat in the corner one day.  Not sure why exactly.  Just did.  I know you're thinking why a pacifier in her hand at 4yo.  Well, she has SEVERE speech apraxia and huge problem is her sucking her finger.  And trust me, we tried everything under the sun to get her to stop.  It was in her mouth..all...the...time.  Well, gave her the paci instead.  Transitioned her to that b/c we knew later, we could take it away.  Now, she rarely sucks her finger during the day anymore.  Does at night but such an improvement from before and speech is getting there.  Going to be years upon years to get it to where it should be but progress to be sure.

House guest, Irina and Reni.  All have been practicing doing hair this summer.  Other pic I have has these three and Sofie w/ her braids and Max standing next to them all.  

Just a few of the pics I have.  Told you all I'd catch up some more.

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