Monday, July 28, 2014

Manic Monday

Where did my weekend go?  Time for the usual Monday morning post.  So, here goes nothing.

  • Didn't do much this weekend
  • Warren fixed the dryer
  • Max needs to cut down a small tree in the front yard
  • Need to get chlorine for the pool
  • Need to go to the bank
  • Have one of the girls being a real pistol this week
  • Trying to stay on top of birthday cards for people we know (yeh, wish me luck on this one)
  • RV still needs inspecting
  • Warren's tire got patched
  • Need some items for little guy & been suggested I make a wish list
  • Insurance owes me money.....again (was a lost pile of papers in the abyss somewhere)
  • Advanced Bionics screwed up again and debited our credit card another $992
  • Trying to figure out fall sports for the kids
  • Trying to figure out all the homeschool stuff
  • Need to withdraw quite a few from public school this week
  • Babysitting this week
  • Homestudy update is done
  • Yana is still working and saving up for transportation (undecided whether moped or car)
  • Bojan is still into playing chess 
  • Trying to find Bojan a chess club somewhere
  • Caught up on laundry
  • Adjusting to a new normal
  • Kids are wanting their friends back from vacation
  • No buyer yet for the house
  • So far behind on little things around the house
  • Job hunting with older kids this week
Well, the day got away from me so ending here.  LOL.  Shoot, MOnday is almost over.  It's been one heck of a day is all I'm going to say.  On an upside, Alex will now be taking care of someone's dogs, Logan and Max have some temporary house work w/ a neighbor, Logan and Max have more work w/ another neighbor, and Irina has yet another babysitting job that will be starting soon.  So, she'll have 2 different babysitting gigs.  Working all week and then some!  Bojan will be interning either this Friday or next Tuesday, starting.  He'll be doing that 2X a week and then I will also be getting him a job at McDonald's since he needs a work permit at his age.  Haven't had the chance to fill out.  Getting there folks. b usy, busy, busy.  I will explain more in future posts.  

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