Monday, July 21, 2014

Manic Monday

Weekend gone already.  But, time to move onto a fresh week.  Here goes. 

  • Houseguest and Yana have hearing tests tomorrow
  • Nik has audiology on Wednesday
  • Babysitting this week
  • Irina has temporary job of babysitting a few days a week
  • Irina job hunting some more
  • Yana works at McDonalds this week
  • Yana looking into buying a moped
  • Bojan working at prosthetist this week possibly
  • Bojan's leg feeling better
  • 2 high schoolers need schedule changes
  • One high schooler needs to be withdrawn from school so he can finish ONE class
  • Max is job hunting as well
  • Getting things done around the house
  • Having house showings but everyone says it's too big or as they put it 'too much house'
  • Digby needs a bath
  • Making appointments for Little Guy
  • Deciding on homeschooling stuff
  • Elementary and middle schoolers will be homeschooled this year
  • Making a list of items we could use (folks have asked to help)
  • Little Guy continues to adjust and make strides
  • Girls have been practicing hair
  • Need to organize clothes and such this week
  • Pool is gorgeous this year
  • Need to get back into exercising
  • Deciding on fall sports for the kids
  • Warren's tire getting fixed today
  • Speech therapy can resume as insurance is now finally figured out
  • Getting tired of very lazy teens...fixing that problem TODAY with new rules
  • Trying to save money on some things
  • Waiting for the house to sell
And more to this list but need to get things done.  Well, started this earlier today and life happens.  

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