Monday, July 14, 2014

Manic Monday

Oh SO MUCH to share with everyone.  I'm working on all sorts of blog posts and trying to maintain sanity in the meantime at home.  It is summer break you know but that by no means that we go on a break.  LOL.  Tons going on as usual.  So, will be promising to do at least two to three blog posts a night simply as a way to catch up and more for me than anything.  I hate half started stuff and it is half started.  One of those pet peeves of mine.  So, here is the first of 3 today.  Simply Manic Monday post but you'll see why shortly how busy we have been.

  • Alex has neuro appt. today
  • Thinking of switching meds on two kids
  • Houseguest and Reni have volleyball this week
  • I'm babysitting for a friend for the week
  • Pool looks fantastic
  • Having watermelon and hot dogs for lunch
  • Logan and a friend are painting the boys' room a more neutral color
  • Need to fax more paperwork
  • I have some hardworking kids
  • I have some VERY lazy kids that are ticking me off right now (& no, it's NOT the younger ones!)
  • Max needs to get his license
  • Max is looking for a job
  • Yana is still working
  • Irina is job hunting
  • Bojan is going to start interning with his prosthetist
  • Bojan wants to work
  • We really need another car
  • Getting a wish list together as requested
  • Lots of organizing again this week
  • House selling is going slow but we really found two we like when this one sells
  • Alaska got a bath.  Digby still needs one
  • Little Guy has doc appointment this week
  • Friends coming over all week this week
  • Behind on blog posts
  • Looking for a weighted blanket
  • Forgot how expensive diapers and wipes are :)
  • Garden is doing okay for what we did but we really need a much bigger garden for us
  • Going to make our own pizza dough this week
  • Trying to figure out homeschooling for next year
  • Trying to figure out sports for next year
  • Was going to do VBS this week but not sure 
  • Getting into learning more about essential oils and how to use them
  • Going to Jordan Lake this weekend
  • Storming outside now
  • RV needs inspecting
And more than all that.  Too long to write boring stuff.  Back to pictures tonight.  

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  1. Weighted blankets can be expensive, but if you know how to sew, you can make your own. Just fill squares of fabric with small polybeads (10% total of the body weight of the child you want to use the blanket distributed throughout the blanket - in other words, a 30 pound child should have a 3 pound blanket) and then sew the squares (or pockets) together. You can machine wash this and air dry.