Monday, July 28, 2014

Hearing tests for a few

I will bit by bit catch up.  Trying to keep with doing two to three posts a night.  Putting this one first b/c part of it happened today.  So, Nik gets his hearing checked obviously at UNC Audiology.  Been going there for years.  He went today and we discovered he's only been hearing at 50% since the t-mic broke!  Advanced Bionics has just now mentioned this 'issue.'  Not just w/ Nik. Anyhow, he had a different mic on it but was only at 50% b/c unlike the old processors, we can not just switch mics w/out switching programs.  We could on the old ones and did NOT know it was different w/ teh new implants.  Apparently, neither did a few other patients.  So, problem fixed.  Right now, AB is not high on my list.  Also this week, it was discovered by Warren that AB was debiting our credit card again at the rate of $992!  At once.  Each month.  Getting it resolved.

Now, while there, Warren also took House guest with him.  I wanted a second opinion and got one which I appreciated UNC doing for us. She is fine with hearing which is fantastic.  There is an obvious speech issue and our speech therapist will handle that from here and test her this coming week. 

I'm back tracking to finish posts again.  Yana also went w/ house guest on that first hearing check.  Yana has severe CAPD.  So want to double check every so often. And last time was in 2007 so good to double check.  Her hearing is also fine.  Thought it would be but always good to check every once in a blue moon.  That was interesting going there w/ those two at the appointment, a kid I babysit for, Little Guy, and Reni/ Irina as my helpers.  Try entertaining a 2yo and non-verbal/ non-ambulatory kid for over 3 hours in a waiting room!  Umm, not as easy as it looks.  But, we managed.  Next hearing test for Nik is in January.  Got a ways to go.  We have Little Guy getting tested in October.  All my other kids hear too well. 

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