Monday, July 28, 2014

Busy kind of week

Really, this week is jumping.  It is the last week of school.  Alex did not tell me he had awards today despite me repeatedly asking him when they were so we could go.  He's at the age where he does NOT want mom or dad around even at a ceremony.  His awards were today.  We missed them.  I said why did you not tell us?!  He said, "I didn't want you to go."  Nice, huh?  I know this is a phase.  Practically all my kids go through it but still makes me cringe hearing it.  He's afraid we'll embarrass him.  Didn't help that his sister said she was going to make a poster if we go.  Oh well.  He did get most improved for Language arts and A/B honor roll for 3rd and 4th 9 weeks.  Think for the year possibly too but have to check.  Just bummed he didn't want us to go.

Now, all the other kids have wanted us there and I have been there for every ceremony thus far.  Alex was our ONLY kid to say no.  Hey, I can still make him take a picture w/ the award.  Trust me, if we drove him to school, he'd be the kid asking to be dropped off a block away.  LOL.  And again, I know it's short lived.  Ironically, he doesn't want us there yet requested we home school him next year.  Go figure.

Today we went to Reni and Nik's award ceremonies.  Went to Summer's on Monday and go to Bojan's on Friday.  Yana doesn't have one and Max is/ isn't graduating.  Long story with Max.  He can walk at graduation if he wants to though has one course to take over the summer to be official.  Max is not too keen on celebrations or large crowds.  He never went to pep rallies if that gives you an idea.  So, this summer we are having a big cook out for him to invite friends and family to. 

And I started this in JUNE folks!  Beyond way behind.  I'm just going to end all the posts I started and then start again w/ catch up posts and pictures.  Easiest way I can think to do it.  So, bare with me the next few posts.  

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