Friday, June 6, 2014

Sleep or Jungle Gym?

Recently, we have had to make some changes in sleeping arrangements as we have a house guest and frankly, Sofie is getting older.  The toddler bed can't stay forever.  It is very, very bittersweet for me.  She is my baby girl and my last one at that.  So having to make the jump to big girl bed was not something I was in a hurry for.  However, I saw a bed for sale on a local yardsale site.  And that is when I knew, we couldn't wait any more.

Couldn't resist this monstrosity.  There is the bed on top, space underneath for another mattress if you want to.

This is Sofie and Summer testing out the new bed.

Reni testing out her new sleeping set up.  Her and house guest share for the time being.

So, ignore the messy room.  We were in process of rearranging.  That desk and chair are not staying there.  Alyona and Summer share the bed on the right.  Thank goodness for eBay and Pottery Barn!  Love their quality and love that I can get new stuff on eBay for significantly less.  So, two double beds in here and Sofie's bed plus at the moment, two toddler beds.  However, they will come down shortly.

They absolutely LOVE this bed!  Play in the fort part all the time and Sofie has been putting herself for naps now.  We'll still be rearranging here and there to make the room bigger but for now, we have some very happy little girls that think they won the jackpot.  I do too! 

My oh my.  Four posts in one night, what was I thinking?  Bed time for me.  Big day tomorrow at the lake and elsewhere. 

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