Friday, June 6, 2014

Pinterest non fail

As many of you know, I am not the most craftiest of people.  Not even close.  Zilch for talent in that department.  My kids know better than to ask me to help them come up with a school project.  So, I try Pinterest from time to time.  Mostly, this results in some epic fails.  But sometimes, sometimes the ideas work. 

Yeh, so this one I can't actually take credit for.  A friend and my kids built it for us.  It is a towel rack made out of PVC pipes!  Pretty cool and will go in the backyard.  They had a version of this floating around online the other day.  They surprised me by doing this. Very cool.

Another project I saw was to cover the trampoline springs.  See, our padding was all torn and tattered and looked just awful.  So, this and off to Dollar General I went.  Pool noodles are a $ a piece.  Think I ended up buying around 14 of them.  Had to go back once.  Sorry picture was taken when dark.

We covered all the springs.  That way, no one gets pinched, doesn't look so old, doesn't burn you in the summer and looks colorful to boot!  

Simple Pinterest tries that did not fail this go around.  One week during July, we are going to have a Pinterest week where we attempt all the projects we said we'd do during the year but never got the chance to.  That should be an interesting post to say the least. 

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