Monday, June 2, 2014

Manic Monday

Well, it's Monday again.  Last I wrote in here was Friday.  Meant a busy weekend and truly, it was.

  • tons done w/ lots of help from our friends
  • still full speed ahead to sell our home
  • pool is being filled now with water.  New liner in
  • end of school fast approaching
  • need to test Alyona
  • kids taking EOG's this week in school
  • finals start this week
  • Yana has training on Friday
  • Yana has started a job at McDonalds
  • last soccer games were this weekend
  • Nik scored a goal!
  • got to go to bank today
  • got to pick up medical forms at doc & put in mail
  • waiting for NC  ID card for two oldest
  • FBI prints came back (those doing this, use an expediting service!)
  • never did get Summer's projects done (HATE projects that are parent projects)
  • scheduling appointments
  • doing more painting today
  • sending off summer camp applications
  • fixing Alex's attendance mess
  • big Upward Celebration on Saturday
  • big FASD Support group outing on Saturday
  • might be out of state on Saturday
  • lots and lots going on in this house
  • Max may be going away in July for employment opportunity
  • planning for summer vacation
  • RV is ready for pick up
  • now need seating made for RV for travel
  • working on getting all girls' summer clothing needs met
  • no current scheduled appointments this week
  • forgot to put out meat for dinner
  • going to Farmer's Market this week and bread outlet
  • need to drop off papers for Summer
  • Summer is regressing...a lot
  • trying to determine who is being homeschooled this coming year 
  • deciding how to homeschool them
  • figuring out how the heck to come up with over a grand for band! ($1,000 folks...that's just stupid)
  • need to get back on the weight loss band wagon
  • starting tomorrow, walking with a friend every day
  • I hate paper work
  • Sofie is still in the terrible two's stage
so much, much more happening.  Need to get some errands done today.  After that, paperwork and cleaning house.  Tonight, need to get some shopping done.  House has got to sell.  Working on it.  Time to eat lunch and get ourselves moving on out of here.  Some days, I'd love to have two of me.  

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