Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting the Kids in the Work Force

So, I have kids with varying abilities.  That's just fact.  And, for privacy reasons, will not point certain issues out on here.  However, I will say this, the school had told me in an IEP meeting a few years ago, "oh, you don't have to worry about that, they'll just collect SSI."  I was appalled I tell you.  This was an IEP meeting and I had asked the question, what do we do after high school.  I looked them straight in the eyes at that meeting and said "not MY child!" They are capable of work, wants to work and WILL work.  Bottom line. And yes, I am aware some children when young adults are unable to work for varying reasons.  However, mine are not.  They are capable but more than that, they WANT to work.  Drives me bananas when I hear people saying oh, my kid can't work but a few hours. For some, that is very, very true.  And traditionally when it comes to FASD, we go against the grain and view of many.  Each child is different in this disorder.  So grouping them all together and saying, they should work but X amount of hours I think is tragic.  Why not try it first?  If it doesn't work, cut back.  All this being said, I expect my young adult children to work.  No matter who you are.  FAS or no FAS.  You will work if you are able.

That brings me to a few of my older children entering the work force.  And for various reasons, I will not say who has FASD and who does not.  In the end, it doesn't matter.  What matters are they are young adults ready to enter a new chapter in their lives.  I'll start with Irina.  After school last year, she ended up getting a job.  She had this job for a year.  Now, she is currently looking for another job.  She is fantastic with children and wants to do daycare work. So, we are looking in that direction.  Next, we have Yana.  

Yana recently got a job at McDonald's.  Hey, it's a job and will teach basic job skills and other lessons that will be important in life.  She had been hunting for awhile and though not her first choice, it is a job and she wants to work as her plans are to go to college next year after graduation.  

Next we have Max.  I know, I went out of age order.  Oh well.  Max wants to work terribly bad.  However, I will not let him yet.  Deal is he needs to finish school and that is a whole other issue.  So for now, he works part time, odd jobs such as yard work for people and construction stuff here and there.  He desperately wants a full time job and as soon as school is finished, he will get one.  There is a good chance he'll be interning in July in another city.  This would be for about a month.  Come back and then do job hunting for full time work.  Max wants to do construction or landscaping after high school.  And he'll easily be able to.  Has plenty of references and is a hard worker.  Great addition to any company as long as he doesn't have to keep a room clean.  As a mom, I get to say that!

Finally, we have Bojan.  Though 15, Bojan really wants to work.  He can get a work permit in this state.  However, he has a possible opportunity of working w/ his prosthetist this summer, interning of sorts.  That would be awesome as this is the type of career he wants.  learning tricks of the trade.  For now, he dog sits here and there.  But Bojan as the rest of them, is very motivated to work.  

I hope my children learn a good work ethic and frankly appreciate the opportunity to be employed.  And though eventually, they may need assistance, my goal is to get them as independent as possible and that starts with life skills and next is a job. We're at the job part now going full speed ahead. wish us luck!  Very proud of the starts we have had so far regarding jobs.  Alyona will be turning 15yo but in no way shape or form is she ready to work.  So, I am teaching her basic life skills she'll need to know at home.  And this post was not meant to down SSI or anything of that nature.  Some truly do need it and frankly,  I know some of mine in the future may as well.  However, we are also firm believers that if they are capable and able and motivated to work, NOTHING should hold them back and I am very disappointed in our school system for having that mentality.  As young adults they should take pride in a job well done.  And there will be mistakes along the way.  Have told all my kids that.  In the end, it will ultimately be up to them how they do on a job.  I just want to instill in them to give it their all no matter what the job.  Work hard.  Be proud of what you do.  Listen and learn. 

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