Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blast from the Past

Haven't done one of these for quite some time.  So, about time.  This will be from Junes past. 

Nik and his napping station.  Sandwich at the ready.  June of 2008.  My baby was 6yo then. 

We were singing Happy Birthday but honest to goodness not sure why!  Bojan was clearly 9yo and Max was 13yo.  However, both their b-days were earlier in the year.  Not sure what happened that year.  LOL.  But, looks like we were having fun so who cares.

Also, a June of 2008 photo.

This was the last year she was in public school.  This was June of 2010.  

Warren.  Umm, not sure what to say.  LOL.  June of 2010.  Hopefully, he found a better way to cut onions.

Alyona, Bojan Alex and Nik in the pool, June of 2010.

And this is typically what they are doing.  Not the sweet posing.   June of 2010.

Falling asleep is dangerous in this house.  I don't even remember who did this to them.  This is Yana and Alex.  Totally oblivious to what was done to them.  June 2010.

Summer and Sofie.  We went to a park near Charlotte, I think.  This is Summer and Sofie.  June 2013.

Sofie picking my gardenia bushes.  June 2013.  

This was Nik, Summer and Sofie getting ready for our trip last year.  June 2013.  It was great b/c it had only been a week since house guest had left us.  They hadn't smiled in a week.  Trust me, this video has more meaning behind it than you can ever imagine.  

Those were some blasts from the past.  If video doesn't upload, I'll fix it tomorrow.  Correction, Warren will fix it tomorrow.  I am not tech savvy. 

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