Monday, June 9, 2014

A Work Weekend

2 weekends ago, we had a work weekend at our home.  Now, there are multiple reasons for this.  Main one being we are trying to sell our home.  We have some very, very kind friends.  Friends coming from Greensboro even!  Their skill and knowledge were invaluable.  It was wonderful.  Some of the kids' friends even came to help one.  As well as one of my cousins.  The list was lengthy but we managed. 

Bojan getting ready to get to work.  

Surveying what all had to be done.  The entire back had to be dug out, old pipe out, trench dug for extra pipe, new pipe laid down, dirt covered, seed spread, then hay.  No easy task.

 Yana truly got into her work.  dirt and all.

And some tools to start the job.  The entire house was mudded where the holes were.  OMG!  There were tons!  We also painted Irina and Yana's rooms.

Max replaced ALL the spindles on the front porch.  Then, Logan painted the entire front porch.

These guys are the BEST!!  I know it is a glass company and we have used them before for both our windows in the vans and our home.  Hey, kids and balls don't mix well w/ windows.  But, they are friends and wanted to help out that day too.  

Owner of Prestige Auto Glass pressure washing the side of our home!  White and kids don't mix either.  

Hey, we start them young.  Even Sofie was helping that day.

Goes down over the edge and into the creek that runs down our entire street.  Starts in our yard.  It's why all our stupid soccer balls end up down the neighborhood street in various yards.  

We fixed it up so it looks better than just the springs running constantly.  Covered and seeded w/ grass. Will look nice once done.

They are rather pretty and once greenery starts growing down the embankment, it will look very nice.  This is all running water in our backyard.  It is from natural springs we have here.  It is why when there is a drought, we always have water here and green grass. 

We could not have accomplished that much in one day w/ out the help from our friends.  Forever grateful for what they did.  House is looking better and better each day.  Definitely ready for new owners to enjoy.

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