Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where do you go when showing a house?

Why to the park of course.  Okay, so 15 of us have to trek on over to the park w/ 2 dogs.  See, usually, we put the dogs in the RV.  However, our RV is in the shop getting air conditioners repaired for next trip.  So, dogs came along.  Happened to be a hot Memorial Day too.  Decided park was best for all as showing was only an hour. 

Nik and Summer enjoying some time on the swings.  This park is great.  Has two playgrounds though we only stayed on one of them.

Reni just chilling out.

Sofie and Summer seeing how far they can go and balance.

Sofie and Summer.  Out of all the smiles, this is the best they could muster.  If Sofie's was good, Summer's was crap. If Summer's was good, Sofie's was crap.  I couldn't win to save my life.

 Nik on the slide.  Wrong way of course.

Yana. Forgot who was on the other end of the teeter toter.  Sorry for lack of pictures.  Majority of pics have houseguest in them and just can not share them at the moment.  But there is a really funny one of Irina way up in the air w/ a terrified look on her face.  They were all cracking up.

And definite sign it is hot and we've been at the park long enough.  LOL.  Believe it or not, we all had a really good time.  Came home and had lunch.  We are so ready to sell this house.  Truly, we are.  More updates forthcoming.  

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