Thursday, May 15, 2014

The House

Okay, we are selling the house.  I will have a post w/ the house on it soon.  Next week.  For now, we have been cleaning, decluttering, rearranging, etc. to try to sell our home.  We have found another home locally that would be perfect.  And I mean perfect for us.  It is almost twice the size of our current home.  It has nearly 3 acres.  Though we wanted more acreage, this set up is perfect for what we want to do for the kids.  Very well maintained place.  All brick home.  Enough space for a growing family.  Plenty of garages, place for basketball court, place for a pool, pecan trees, open space, etc.  Place to be a kid and great place to entertain and just grill out.  The other day, we took  the kids to check it out.  We have been here before.  The kids had not.  Their reaction truly was priceless.

While waiting for our realtor, Sofie couldn't help but take a sneak peek inside.  She really has grown too.  She's over 30 lbs. now and a little spitfire.  LOL.  I think she was just amazed at the sheer size of it all.  

Kids checking out one of the garages.

The backyard is filled with pecan trees.

Part of the back of the house.  This house is really wide and spread out.

Blurry but other part of the back.  Great porches to grill out on.

With almost 3 acres, we have some room in the backyard to play for sure!  Kids are excited as our we at the possibility of living here.  We have been going back and forth on building one as well.  tough call.  Though, think we'd survive the move better if we just bought one out right instead of build from scratch. Time will tell.  So, now the kids are extremely motivated to move and willing to do what it takes.  For the next few weeks, we have to feel like we are living in a museum.  You know, show ready to make it look like no one lives here let alone real people with a family of 13.  Routine is to put the dogs in the RV and we leave the house for the showing.  Well, that's all fine and dandy now but when there are extras here and it is hotter, dogs can't go in the RV.  What on earth are we going to be doing?  Trying to think ahead b/c it would be brutal in NC heat to take the dogs for a walk in the park for two hours w/ a bunch of kids.  Looking for ideas on this one.  Typically, with a showing we are asked to put the dogs away and also be away for approximately two hours.  Harder than it seems folks.  So, we are wanting to move.  Wanting to make all transitions possible this year.  This is our year of change. 

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  1. Could you cage the dogs? Mine go willing to their travel kennel. In fact, I leave the door open when they aren't in it and I find them napping in it.