Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tennessee Bound!

Well, time to tell of our awesome trip we had received as a Christmas gift.  I still am in awe of the generosity of this man.  We have never met him in person.  In fact, it was a friend's dad.  He wanted to do something special for our family and that he did!  So, we were headed to Tennessee for a 3 night stay in 2 condos.  But first, we have to get there.

So, on our trips, our kids have become excellent packers in the concept, less is more.  Behind the cooler are the backpacks.  One backpack each for shorter trips such as this and then duffles for the bigger trips in teh RV.

Alyona helping prep the van to travel.  Kids know van must be cleaned inside before we go on a long trip.  6 hours to TN.

Carseats make for cramped quarters and kids were mad when they find out we weren't taking the RV.

And Sofie's out!  Reni is reading.

 This is the weather we had on the way there.  Got so bad with hail at one point, we pulled off the side of the road.  Hail was big and just banging up the van.

Very ominous looking.  Umm, got much worse looking than this.  Sky was almost black!

And finally it clears a bit.  TN rest stop.  Quaint and that's when we grabbed all the brochures to decide what to do.

And insert kid screams here when they discover just what we're about to do.  This place is just massive.  Excitement builds as we turn in. 

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