Saturday, May 24, 2014

Still here!

Just a bunch going on all at once.  We have end of school stuff as well as a new house guest living with us.  So, this has been a week of everyone getting to know each other.  Been a smooth transition and though I would love to tell you more, for now, it is best to just not to say too much.  I remember when Sofie had first come to us I wanted to share as she was part of our everyday life.  So, hope you respect the reasons of why I can not share much about houseguest.  Just know we're all doing fine getting to know each other. 

Bojan getting ready to go to the concert.  We try hard to get to places on time.  We do.  Actually, he made this one on time.  This is the only picture I got of him as I like to sit and enjoy the music.  We took up an entire row and then some.  Really, auditoriums should be larger.  LOL.  Kids and us enjoyed it.  Bojan then left w/ a friend to get Pelican Snoballs afterwards.  Yes, we were all jealous.

I ordered a new liner for the pool and it came in already.  Only had two to choose from.  Chose the darker blue and think it will look sharp once put in.  We forgot to order a part so have to do that Tuesday.  So, pool will be good to go this week, new rocks around it and all.  yeh.  No more Shrek's Swamp.  

We've been doing some rearranging in the house as well.  Needed some new beds so working on all that.  Trying to prepare for everything and that sometimes can be a hectic thing in and of itself.  IEP stuff happening and just very big decisions to be made.  Not to mention a house selling going on.  We are in process of putting a work weekend in place.  Gracious friends said they wanted to help.  Much more happening around here and so I will be working on posts again.  Oh, and we got two frogs.  Yeh, my plan backfired of saying go ask Dad b/c I assumed Dad would automatically say no.  Must be getting soft in his old age.  LOL.  Reni's class was getting rid of frogs.  African Dwarf frogs.  Seriously, we thought we were getting regular frogs.  These are more like fish.  In water.  Can't really hold the things.  It's okay, just not what we were expecting.  Probably better we didn't have regular frogs or the dogs would eat them.  

Anyhow, things are going well, just working on about 15 things at once so writing took a backseat.  I will finish Camp Cheerio posts next.  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

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  1. aww I love African dwarf frogs! I've had a few. Sure do miss my froggies. I loved to watch them swim, fight with one another over the food, and hide.