Saturday, May 24, 2014

She's A Pistol

Or should I say firecracker?  Or an expert at the terrible two's?  Not sure which.  All really.  Sofie is 4 yo.  However, she too is dx'd with FASD.  For those that don't know, it is frontal lobe brain damage caused by the birthmother drinking during pregnancy.  Effects executive functioning quite a bit.  And, typically kids are developmentally half their chronological age.  So,that puts Sofie at about two years old.  And, it is proving to be true.  Here was one example the other day.

Her face says it all.  She is actually proud of herself.  

This is the rest of her artwork.  Dress was a mess as well.  It was a sharpie btw.  

I'm telling you, she can find trouble in the middle of the desert this one.  Yesterday, she filled my exhaust pipe with rocks!  That could have been ugly had I not heard the clinking sound.  Then, her latest thing is to play in the toilet.  Not sure why.  We have sinks you know.  All I can say is she is lucky she is so darn cute.  That is what is her saving grace right now.  Also, when she knows she is busted first words out of her mouth are either "mommy nice" or "I sorry mommy."  That's when I know she's done something.  Then, if she is not getting her way it turns to mean mommy.  Got to love this stage.  The other day, she had time out at the playground at soccer practice.  She screamed like a ban chi so everyone could see and hear her.  Added a nice throw of the shoes for good measure.  Again, we know this is a phase but boy, makes life more entertaining if nothing else.  We are all hoping it passes quickly. 

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