Friday, May 2, 2014

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

After the water park, we decided to go out for lunch.  Someone suggested the Old Mill.  Well, went to the restaurant and no place to park and over an hour wait.  Got back in the van and decided go elsewhere.  In the brochures, we had seen an add for the Bush's Baked Beans Museum which was free and a cafe there as well.  Why not?  Headed over there and through some beautiful countryside.  Got to the little cafe and museum across from the Bush's Baked Bean factory.

Cafe closed at 4. Got there at 3:30.  Of course you get to sample baked beans.

This was the boys' table along w/ Yana.  I got the girls along w/ Nik.

Alyona trying to photo bomb Sofie and Irina.

Summer, Nik and Sofie.  Goofing around for a photo op.

So, some of us got burgers, some corn dogs, some BLT's, and one Rueben.  ALL were delicious!  I was truly taken back by the quality.  Awesome, real food.  Was a quaint little place.  Waitress waiting on us was one of 11.  All adopted in her family as well.  Small world.  Was very pleasant and clean and good.  Loved the experience.  Then we were off to visit the museum before it closed.

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