Friday, May 30, 2014

Naked Barbie's Return

What a title.  Well, as you know, Naked Ken tends to travel with us despite me hiding the stupid thing every time.  Now, Sofie and Summer are really into Barbies.  And, no matter how many times they get dressed, they always end up w/out clothes on.  So, I decided they should have a party in the pool the other day.  Not to mention, needed an idea to get the girls out of our way when we were sawing the beds in half. 

They thought this was the coolest idea ever.  Scored big mom points with this one.

 I know, this is a rather small pool but hey, the liner is ripped out of the big one.

They are still getting along and enjoying the pool.

Barbie playing was fine until Summer discovered the hose.  And of course decided Sofie was a target of said hose.

When Barbies were done with their swimming party, we thought they should dry out on the hood of this car.  Hey, it worked.  Girls had a bunch of fun.  And,kept them out of our way for at least a little while.

Well, just got off the phone.  Our account was compromised.  Money stolen.  Hundreds of dollars.  But, should be returned.  Let's just say someone is going to be doing some serious drinking and eating this weekend. 

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