Monday, May 19, 2014

manic Monday

Well, since Monday is almost over, need to get this post done I suppose. 

  • had an awesome time at Camp Cheerio
  • have one kiddo grounded right now
  • ordered a new pool liner
  • installing liner this weekend by ourselves
  • new house guest arrives tomorrow
  • end of school is driving me nuts
  • Alyona has Spanish class this week
  • speech therapy this week
  • soccer practice was today
  • soccer games
  • got some more azaleas
  • got Yana a criminal background check
  • getting three kids an NC ID card
  • Max is getting his license soon as he finishes a civics course
  • Alyona needs new glasses
  • multiple kids getting shots tomorrow
  • dropped RV off for a/c repair
  • making big plans
  • still planning on moving to a new house
  • working on selling this one-- June will begin the huge push
  • got title to trailer we bought for trash hauling
  • went to bank
  • got blinds for Irina's room since dog chewed them all up
  • Bojan's concert is tomorrow
  • prepping for end of year stuff for kids
  • staying home this weekend I think
And much, much more!  Can not wait to share a bit more in time.  For now, status quo and working on school stuff.  

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