Monday, May 12, 2014

Manic Monday

Boy is it ever!  I know I have been slack on the blog lately but truly, life has got to come first here.  Just super duper busy with the end of the year.  Here goes nothing:

  • Found the home we want
  • Need to sell our home
  • End of school nearing for the kids
  • van goes to shop tomorrow
  • van got a recall notice in the
  • RV repair being done tomorrow
  • FAS researchers coming to our home
  • House is staying some what clean for house showings (by clean I mean kid clean)
  • Soccer today
  • Summer has a game today
  • Getting a few packages together for various folks
  • Waiting for Uncle Sam
  • IEP meeting for Summer
  • Going to Camp Cheerio!!!! 
  • Worked really hard on the yard today too
  • Kids are growing
  • Many things new on the horizon
  • Sister inlaw coming to stay a few days and visit
  • Really decluttered w/ the yardsale
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Bojan waiting to do his scuba again
  • Need to get some glasses for some of the kids
  • BCBS called me to close our case (wahoo!)
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Making lots of plans
  • Will get back into blogging very soon
  • Many things happening with the schools and kids
  • May take Max to get his license this week
I will do better at getting back on track.  Kids are keeping us busy with school and events and such.  Not a bad thing, just blogging takes a backseat when that happens.  Just means lots more pictures to catch up on.  Boy have they grown too!  I know I have 11 kids but only feels like 3 or 4 b/c most mine are teens now and do their own thing with friends, jobs, school, etc.  Good and bad.  Bad, b/c sometimes I miss them and good b/c it means they are growing up and learning.  

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