Wednesday, May 7, 2014

manic Monday

Last Monday I was coming home from our TN trip so didn't get the chance to post one.  Well, here we go again.  Another Monday.  Busy week but I'll try to keep up.

  • Nik has an all day eval by a team of specialists at UNC
  • Alyona and Sofie will be staying with a friend today
  • soccer practice tonight
  • boys soccer is over
  • track season is over
  • we have Camp Cheerio in 2 weeks!
  • did lots of yard work this past weekend and it is looking good out there
  • got a trailer so now can haul stuff if needed
  • boys will be painting said trailer b/c rusty
  • looking for a new pool liner
  • A/C is now fixed
  • Spanish for Alyona this week
  • had fun at company picnic this past weekend
  • Irina gets CT results this week
  • having a big yardsale this weekend
Well, I was behind to say the least.  Still am.  Much more tomorrow.  

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