Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just like home-- condos

This was a trip in more ways than one.  Typically, we must stay at campgrounds for obvious reasons.  So this was a real treat to be able to stay at condos. 

Irina was right at home in the kitchen

Sofie, still tired from travel but checking out the couch.  It folds into a bed.

Huge table set up which we loved.

My kids like to play cards on trips.  But nothing like a deaf kid and apraxic kid playing go fish together.  Laughing b/c neither one could understand the other too well.   But, point is they had fun and were learning.  Summer and Nik were playing.  Alyona was helping translate.

4 of the girls stayed in this room while I had the king sized bed.  Oooh.  My room was incredible!

Chilling out watching a movie that evening.  Talking about plans for tomorrow.

Summer and Sofie sleeping.  Alyona did not sleep here.

Woke up to bright blue TN skies.

Sight for sore eyes after the previous day.  Could not ask for more perfect weather.  Just look at it!

What a blessing to start our day out with beautiful skies and sunshine.  Hey, where's Big Bird?  When can definitely spot our van wherever we go.  More to come.  Need to call it a night.

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