Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If you only knew

If you only knew just how busy the last few days  have been you wouldn't ask what I've been up to.  There is a VERY good reason for why I'm so busy lately but as of right now, I just can't say anything yet.  So, you'll have to bear with me being a little cryptic for awhile and not think anything of a few days between blog posts till things get somewhat back to normal. 

Today 4 of us went to the eye doctor.  No big deal but have to tell a story.  Okay, so we go in and sit down.  Sofie goes in, sits down and keeps staring at this man.  After enough of the 'mom glares,' she points her finger at him and says loudly "HO, HO, HO!"  The office was laughing as was the nice gentleman with the long white beard and cowboy hat.  Sofie was all smiles and the guy was fantastic.  Summer and Nik were really upset that Sofie got to see Santa today at the eye doctor and they did not.  Maybe next time.  So, all our eyes were basically the same.  Those of us that went.  Max and I are going to go for a new pair of glasses this Friday I think.  Warren went onto work, I took Max back to school and then back home we went.

Later, kids and I went to the doc's office to drop off 2 medical letters needing to be signed and off to the bank.  Cashier's check.  While there, our sweet bank manager bought candy bars for all the kids.  Sweet of her to do.  She got an ear full of what we were up to.  She's been with us since it was just Warren and I.  After bank, headed to FedEx place.  FedEx is expensive.  That is all I have to say about that.  We then checked out a new overpriced consignment shop near the mail place.  I like the two main shops the kids & I have come to like over the years.  We like those and our outlet center in Smithfield.  When tourists are not there.  We skipped Alyona's Spanish party.  We seriously just could not fit it in and no, I don't feel bad.  Trust me, Alyona will be attending many of the other kids' parties at the end of the year. 

Tried to figure out insurance issue this afternoon.  Benefits is looking into it.  Kids and I are exhausted.  We will be glad when the weekend comes but HUGE plans during the weekend.  That being said, I need to pull off some more forms off line so must get going.  I'm ready to share some of the rest of Camp Cheerio pics still.  I just need about 10 more hours in my days this week.  End of school is proving to be beyond busy.  RV is still in the shop.  Much, much more to come and maybe, some of you are reading between the lines of this post. 

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  1. Another adoption? You sold the house? new camper? What!