Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FAS Research

As some of you may know, I have a household with a few children with FASD.  7 have it, 6 are officially dx'd on paper and at this point, possibly another may have it as well but hard to tell w/ other dx's that are present.  So, as you can imagine, research is important to our family.  Things that may help children like ours participate in daily life and lead a life to the fullest.  That being said, when there is an opportunity to do research, we sometimes take it.  Especially, if non-invasive and not too hard.  Over the years, a few of my kids have participated in the research regarding FASD.  Today, there is some research going on in my own home even.  I feel it is important for awareness in the community and also for future children growing up with this disorder.  If my children being part of research study will help others in the future.  I am all for it. 

Research is important.  It helps to raise awareness.  And, FASD needs awareness.  so many don't know what it is.  So, that is what is happening here today.  Maybe we can be a small part of something bigger. 

Our van is in the shop.  It is under warranty so that is good.  Got a recall notice for the passenger airbag so will have to take it in yet again one day for that repair.  Wished the notice would have come earlier as we could have had this done on the same day.  Is what it is.  So, today I am able to get a bunch of stuff that has been lingering around.  You know, all the stuff you've been putting off.  Today, it will get taken care of. 

RV repair man is coming around lunch which is awesome.  Ready to get ready for our trip next month.  Regular maintenance.  Then, we'll need to get it inspected.  Did a few errands this morning as well.  Think today may actually be productive after all.  Next posts must be picture posts!  Wait till you see how they've grown. 

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