Sunday, May 18, 2014

Camp Cheerio Day 1

And we are back from Camp Cheerio!  Can not tell you how great it feels to go there.  We have so much going on in our lives currently, we truly needed this break.  Really did.  Very refreshed and ready for business come Monday.  So, Friday, we were to leave.  And we did...late. 

Full van, that's for sure.  My kids have been spoiled by the RV.  We even took two seats out of the van.  Pillows had to go on laps.  Midway, we realized Sofie forgot hers.  Not that she cares, she had her stuffed animal.

My annual shot of the kids before we head out to activities and lunch.  

You can not beat those mountain views with horses in the foreground.  Just gorgeous.

Sofie riding the horse she made.  Pretty clever craft.  And, we can use the pool noodle.

Irina, checking out the sleeping arrangements.

Chaos Manor away from home...busted lip.  What every trip needs.  Sofie was playing the brass ring game and it swang back and hit her in the lip.  No worries, she was fine.  Big sisters checking it out.

Come on kiddo, we're only on day 1!

Sofie in line for dinner.  We'd go a few steps and she'd try to sleep.

After spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, we headed outside to wait until  the slide show and ice cream social.  Sitting on rockers watching the view.  Here is Summer relaxing.

Sofie and Irina taking time out for a hug.

Summer and Sofie stopped to pet Pippen, a hearing service dog.  Awesome dog btw!

Max and Sofie hanging out as well.

Alex checking out the mountain views of Stone Mountain with binoculars.

Summer, happy to sit with her daddy for awhile.

Of course you have hot cocoa while waiting for ice cream!  This is Camp Cheerio life you know.

Long awaited ice cream social and slide show.  Enjoyed by all.  After this, we took the two youngest back to the cabin.  They were dead beat tired.  The older ones all went to the gym to hang out.  Curfew is at 10 campground wide.  Love that.  Next morning, time to wake up early for breakfast.  More on Camp Cheerio tomorrow.   But we are home now!

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  1. Your annual photo of the kids turned out great. Everyone looking in the right direction and smiling... beautiful!