Thursday, May 15, 2014

Camp Cheerio Bound!!!

Yes, way behind again.  LOL.  Seems to be a trend but in the next few weeks you'll discover why that is such a trend.  Many new happenings in our lives and throwing in trying to sell a house in the mix and well frankly, it leaves less time to write.  Tomorrow, we are taking our annual trip to Camp Cheerio for Cue Camp.  Kids call it deaf camp because well, most the kids are deaf in some form or fashion.  This is truly one of our highlights of the year, every year.  Meet up with old friends, make new friends, kids have a blast, parents have a blast, just plain fun.  Kids all had an awesome time last year.  They really did.  We are looking forward to a very refreshing weekend as usual.  Just clears the mind.  And, with such a huge week ahead of us, we need this.  Truly need this.  This is always a stress buster.  Beautiful views, great people, delicious food, and relaxation.  Making memories.  Love it!  No posts on Friday or Saturday but better believe I'll share on Sunday.  Perfect weather too this year.  Sunny and cool. 

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