Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bush's Baked Bean Museum

Being so busy, never finished talking about our trip.  Must do that as we truly had a good, relaxing time.  So, onto the museum after lunch it was.  I took some of the kids next door while Warren finished up with lunch.

You can lay on the floor and pretend to be rolled over by the giant can if you want.  I opted not to.  So, some of us standing in front of the can.  Just a lot of fun.

Some of the older ones checking out how the beans are made from beginning to end.  BTW, they're inside a huge can of beans.  

All the kids thought this was fun.  You got to weigh yourself in beans.  

This was neat showing how the beans were packaged.  Very interactive museum.

 This was hilarious.  You can get photoshopped into a picture.  The guy managed to get all eleven of them in.  Then Warren and I did one but we ended up looking like aliens. 

Okay, so Alex came running back  up to us claiming he found the secret recipe.  We walked back with him and this is where he and Sofie were.  

We attempted to get them all looking at once.  Not quite there. Summer and Max this time.  One day, they'll all be looking.

Yana and Irina just hanging out.  I notice ipods in their hands.  

Nik looking in the truck wondering why rocks are in there.

That is the Bush's baked bean factory right across the street.  Huge facility.  We had a great time eating lunch and touring the little museum.  After that, we went to Food City for some food for dinner and fresh fruit.  Then, the fun was to begin w/ the water park.  Stay tuned for more.  Hmm, two posts in a day.  Might be onto something here.  LOL.

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