Thursday, May 15, 2014

TN Trip-- Wave Riders

Back to TN trip.  So after the Bush's museum and cafe, we headed back to the resort to ride the waves and swim and do all sorts of things.  I did not take my camera the first time b/c frankly, I wanted to go in too and have some fun.  So, none of Summer and I on the lazy river and her pushing me into the ice cold waterfalls on that one.  Thank goodness.  Or of Warren and I in w/ the kids in the pool just hanging out.  But, did manage to get some of the wave riders.

First up was Alex.  This is a very cool ride and just great people who run it.

 Alex, wishing he could live at the beach full time.

At first, they were nervous on how to tell Nik what to do.  As you know, very visual and got the hang of it right away.  So much so, they were teaching him tricks!

I can safely say he was having a blast as was Alex.  Like I said, not many pictures from that first night because we all just wanted to jump in and enjoy our day.

It is vacation you know.  Plus, you know me, bargain hunter.  Well, the store in the resort puts them half price after 8.  So, we snagged two boxes and the kids were some happy breakfast eaters that morning.  Those and Clementime oranges.  They were set.  We all were set for some more town touring.

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