Friday, May 2, 2014

And let the fun begin!

First morning, we woke up to beautiful sunshine and temps going to be in the 70's.  Perfect weather.  So, told the kids they could go to waterpark in the morning for a few hours, come back and we'd go out to lunch and tour a bit.  They agreed. 

I know you always see my kids smiling.  That's not the case.  This is real life here. They cry.  they have meltdowns.  This one was because we told Sofie she had to eat her eggs or couldn't go swimming at the waterpark.  After the crying, she relented and ate the eggs.  And then had fun.  

And the sisters hanging out in the morning.

Some of the younger kids wanted to join in the picture.

Can't have a vacation without at least one mishap.  Summer didn't know you had to slide the screen door instead of push it.  Warren and Max to the rescue.  Back in and not broken.  Phew.

Umm, an attempt at a selfie I believe.

Getting ready to head to the water park for some fun!  Stay tune for more pics.  No water park pics the first time we went b/c we were just having toomuch fun.  Next up, beans museum.  Yep, we went there.

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