Friday, April 4, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Well, it's Thursday.  And, as you know, it has been one crazy week.  Therefore, I have not paying all that much attention to what has been happening around me.  There is one very thoughtful thing I'd like to point out though for sure.

Max came home from school and I had no idea he had done this.  Hung up the sign and started doing a couple things  around the house.  This was the day I was so sick.  All the other middle schoolers coming home came in quietly and I found that odd.  Later that day, I found the sign on the door.  Very thoughtful of Max to think of me and my well being.  

There were other things this past week but like I said, my mind has been in a fog.  

Tomorrow is Nik's Special Olympics.  More on that tomorrow.  Just wanted a quick pop in and out.  Alive and well.  Sofie was sick today but seems to be passing.  More posts to come and pictures for sure.  Is a busy week and illness has added to that.

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