Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Work of Finding Deals

Okay, so it is no secret we bargain hunt when we can. You have to with this many.  Hence, why we go to the Farmer's Market, yardsales and the like.  Locally, there is an online Facebook yardsale group that has exploded lately.  It's fantastic.  You see what you are getting, can sell stuff, and it's local.  The boys' dressers are shot.  No other word for it.  We'd love to get new ones but let's face it, they are not good stewards of their stuff.  Used for them.  Girls I will buy new for here and there because I KNOW they'll take care of it.  Boys, not so much.  They know how I feel about it all. 

The other day, I spotted an entertainment center on line.  Solid wood.  You know, the really, really heavy stuff.  Back is pressboard but the rest was solid wood.  Asked Warren and he said yes, we can make it work.  So, decided to turn a rather large entertainment center into the boys' dresser.  Only trouble was, getting it up the stairs and into their room.  Thankfully, it came in three pieces.

This is one of the three pieces.  There are two of these and they go on each side of the large piece in the middle.  

And so it begins.  It may not look big but this is a very large and heavy piece.  Max is on the top pulling it up with a dolly while the other two are below pushing it up.

Very slow process indeed.

Yana for whatever reason decided this was videotaping worthy.  I guess if it went wrong, there'd be evidence of what happened.  LOL.  Onlookers just watching.

Now, here is where the problem sort of began.  This was a trick.  There was NO wiggle room to turn this sucker around.  But, they figured it out.  Almost crushing a few of them but they did it.  Like I said, this is heavy.  But, it was a bargain and it is sometimes work finding good deals and good quality.  However, you don't want really good quality for the boys.  LOL.  Just yesterday, Summer wrote on her pillow sham with markers.  Ruined the set.  But, in the grand scheme of things, these are minor.  

In our community, there is a lot of great deals around if you look.  I have a wonderful group of friends and we all look out for what the other is looking for.  Respond if it goes up for sale.  I've picked up things for folks and vice versa.  It works for us all.  This weekend, my plans are to have a big yardsale.  Despite getting a few new items, we are also getting rid of a few items.  Don't like the clutter and if we are not using it, it is going to go.  Period.  

Today was a lazy day.  We basically watched the rain and watched movies most the day.  Reni, Alex, Logan, Bojan went to a friend's house.  Yana went to track part of the day.  Rest of us were here.  Max finally completed his math course so that he can now graduate.  Long story.  Relieved though.  Max will be getting his license very soon.  So, my bargain hunting skills will come in handy when we go car shopping for his first car.  Times are changing around here for sure!  More posts to follow. 

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