Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweeping, shaving, and sunburn

So much going on around here I always feel like I'm behind lately on this blog though I have been catching up somewhat.  Tonight is Saturday.  We have a visitor with us for a few days and save a post for just her.  Today we had soccer and a house showing.  Kept us on our toes to be sure.  Last week though was filled with illness as you know.  But other things happened as well and thought I'd share a few pictures.

We are constantly cleaning the house as it can be shown at any time.  Well, Summer and Nik had to wipe down the stair walls and banister.  Summer could not reach.  She thought of this idea ALL BY HERSELF!  She put the wet rag on the top of the broom handle.  Trust me, this was clever.  And, it got the job done for sure.

It was inevitable because frankly, most my kids have done this.  Trying to mimic older siblings.  Summer and Sofie get a bath together.  Since all girls share a bathroom, things like razors are kept up high as so the little kids can't get a hold of them.  Remember, I have 4 other girls that shave now!  Kept on the shelf by the top showerhead.  Well, apparently Summer has grown just enough to reach it now.  Her and Sofie decided to shave legs.  No real damage done.  Nothing like the first time Irina ever shaved her legs.  But still.  Couldn't believe they did it and now older kids are mad b/c they need a new hiding place.  Both Sofie and Summer said they were big girls now like their sisters.  Not quite girls.  Ways to go for that. 

Seriously, this one pains me to look at it.  So, Nik and Reni had a field trip the other week.  The week Mom and Dad were sick as dogs.  Not thinking clearly.  It was a trip inside museums.  Art museum.  Reni said it was boring as all get out.  I had NO idea they'd be walking the two mile thing around it.  Reni said they had sunscreen but would not put it on him as it is against school policy.  Can't put anything on the kids or even give it to them to put on due to liability reasons I suppose.  So, it was OUR fault he got burned around his neck, however, I wished common sense would have taken over on this one. BTW, Reni did not get burned at all.  Different skin types.

As you can see, just mostly the back got it.  Felt so bad and even more so since I was sick.  I always put sunscreen on them for fieldtrips but we could barely function that week and honestly I forgot.  He survived though.  Wasn't the first time he got burned and won't be the last, I'm sure.  He and Bojan out of all our kids have the fairest skin and are the ones we slather sunscreen on in the summer time or at outdoor events. 

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  1. At Rex's school we periodically have to complete the form for administering medication, so that they are allowed to put sunscreen on him which is especially important during summer camp where they swim outdoors twice a day. Kind of a hassle, but I'll do it since it's the only way of keeping him from getting burnt.