Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is Here!

So, you'll notice last week I was a tad slack on blogging.  Okay, really slack.  Spring is here.  That means a flurry of activity around here with soccer and other events going on and usually at the same time.  Essentially, too busy to write. 

The shrubs are starting to bloom.  So, the work begins to trim it all up.

These were my $2 shrubs.  They are really starting to take off this year.

Azaleas are in bloom and filling the yard with color.

Beautiful, simplistic color.

Full bloom and just brings life back into the yard.  Days are longer and we are spending a lot of time outside.  Kids have rediscovered the trampoline and net was in such bad shape, had to be taken down.  We are busy assessing all our things around the house.  What needs to be done/ fixed/ replaced in order to sell.  Discovered the pool liner is going to need replacing whether we sell the house or not. So, soon we will be ordering a new pool liner and installing ourselves.  We installed the last one too so no big deal.  Just a lot of work.  

This week we are spending it cleaning the RV up and the house.  We cleaned a lot of the RV up today and fixed a few things on it.  We also went to the boys' last soccer practice.  Kids went to AWANAS.  And we also managed to get to the Adidas Tent sale at the fairgrounds in Raleigh.  Brand new cleats, all sizes for just $15.  Also, sneakers.  I got $80 running shoes for just $20.  Can't beat that.  They were out of shin guards which my kids truly need.  We came home from soccer and Warren and Max went to get an entertainment center we're converting to a wardrobe for the boys.  It was heavy!  Very heavy and had to go upstairs.  Crazy.  Tomorrow, Alyona goes to Duke.  Kids have soccer practice.  Much to do during the busy season of spring.  Haven't forgotten about here.  Just had life going on.  But so very much to share!  

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