Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sick, sick and more sick!

OMG!  This bug is super fast, super bad and super nasty.  There have been 8 people sick in this house in the last 3 days.  Not pleasant mind you.  House has been lysoled out the ying yang and sanitized up and down.  Windows are opened and I think we are turning a corner.  I say that and then wham, this happens:

That is Sofie this evening.  Laying by Daddy and out for the count.  102.8 when we gave her the Tylenol.  She is stable now and sleeping in her bed.  Threw up earlier today but okay.  Hoping tomorrow it will leave her and she will be the last of us.  

It has been beyond a hard few days for this bunch but we've managed.  Yana had a track meet today and her boyfriend took Logan and Irina to watch as I had to stay with Sofie.  Then, it was Reni's birthday today as well.  In between stuff, I made two cakes and we had cake with Reni.  More on that in another post.  Warren called to say he couldn't find his keys.  Finally found the car.  Been a long few days.  Miracle the tooth fairy remembered anything.

Here is Summer and her toothless grin.  Love it.  Anyhow, been a long day and lots going on and still haven't gotten to blog posts.  Sorry, sick kids are priority.  Hoping tomorrow Sofie is well and back to normal.  What is normal here?  LOL.  Big surprise coming tomorrow for the kids.  Tell you tomorrow.  Irina is off work tomorrow too.  Soccer game for Alex and Logan tomorrow.  Busy again.  Bummer.  Where is our rest?  Friday is Special Olympics.  More posts to share tomorrow pending Sofie is well. 

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