Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saturday Soccer and Adidas everywhere!

Well, Saturdays and Sundays are soccer.  I'll start w/ Sunday as that is Alex and Logan's practice.  Before practice though, we had found out about a huge tent sale at the fairgrounds of new Adidas wear and gear.  Perfect!  It was the last day of it and we knew it would be picked over but if we could score a bargain for a few of us on brand new stuff, we would.  So, sneakers were just $20.  I got $80 sneakers for just $20!  Brand new and can't beat that.  Alex, Logan also got sneakers.  Bojan got a shirt.  Shirts were $8.  Some were $5.  Can't really buy him shoes so there you go.  Wished I'd taken a picture of our haul.  Summer, Sofie, Alex and Logan got new soccer cleats.  Just $15!  And those things are expensive.  Boys were thrilled.  Nice to get something new from time to time and at a great price.  After that, we headed to their soccer practice.  This was a Sunday.  Last practice of the season for them. Thank goodness.  They have 2 games left though. 

Back up to Saturday where we spend all day on the soccer field, come home and haul off trash and then do basic house errands. 

Logan came to watch his sibs play.  Think he's thrilled to help carry chairs?

Yep, she's a pistol.  LOL.  Sassy and all.  Cuteness wins over it all though.  She has us wrapped.

Nik's game was last so he was watching Reni play.

Reni hates playing goalie but does a good job of it.  I don't really have any shots of her b/c I was too busy watching the game.  She made the first goal of the game that day!

Summer, listening for instructions of wht to do next.

She is so proud when she gets to kick the ball and tells me every time.

Summer, in the shade.  

Mom and Sofie.  Wind was blowing but she just wanted a hug.  She squeezes tight, that's for sure.

Nik waiting for the ball to come his way.  

Soccer is busy but fun.  Fun to watch the kids grow year after year.  In addition, there are a lot of great parents, coaches and refs there.  The support for the teams is amazing.  The cheering, the smiles, the sharing of stories, etc.  I had the kids play on two different leagues this year.  The Upwards League is such a positive hands down compared to the indoor league Alex and Logan play on.  Makes a difference.  Alex and Logan truly miss Upwards this year.  However, the indoor league has given them other skills to work on and great to have a diverse repertoire.  We have a few months left of Upwards and will most definitely enjoy the sunshine days and cheering on the fields. 

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