Friday, April 18, 2014

Military Ball for Yana

I know I don't post a whole lot about the teens on this blog but that is with good reason.  After a certain age, I think there are privacy issues that come into play.  However, I have been yelled at by quite a few of the teens AND their friends for not having them on there as much any more.  Go figure.  So, here and there I'll post.  Well, until I get yelled at again.  LOL.  You know how teens are. 

Yana is in JROTC.  Learning about the military and she likes it.  So, she had a military ball to attend a few weeks ago.  Thankfully, we had hunted for a dress the previous month.  I knew my upcoming months were going to be busy so wanted to get a head start.  First dress we found. Score!  Those with teenage daughters will know just how big a deal that is.  I'm sure in the fall, I won't be so lucky with homecoming.  Thought I'd share a few pictures of Yana in her dress.  Was a little windy that day too.

Umm yeh.  That's not the 8.5 yo I brought home from Russia.  Where'd she go?!

A side view.  It is a purplish blue color for the dress.

Back of the dress.  Gorgeous day and evening to attend a ball.

Tried another shot but the wind got in the way.  She had her hair pulled back.  

Yana with ticket in hand to the ball.  She went there and enjoyed a time with friends.  She has a boyfriend but due to rules of the school, he is not allowed to attend the events.  But, he picked her up and surprised her.  Thought the dress was gorgeous and well, Yana is growing into a young lady.  I will admit, it is strange seeing your own children all dressed up going to grown up events.  You always remember the little kid inside.  But, Warren and I have accepted the fact our teens are growing up.  Yana is 18 years old now.  After next year, she'll enter a new chapter in her life after high school.  So, this military ball is a small stepping stone.  Glad she had fun and looked beautiful to boot. 

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