Friday, April 18, 2014

Max's Drawings

I haven't done these in awhile.  Thought I'd post a quick pic Max did this week.  Looks better in person but you'll get the idea.  We are truly thinking of opening up an Etsy shop for Max.  Maybe he could draw it and then make prints.  Do you all think that would be a good idea?  Looking for input.

A very interesting looking car to say the least.

Took this one with a flash.  Wasn't sure what would work better.

A little closer view of the front.  He even has details inside the headlights!  He has been drawing ever since we got him.  His passion, his outlet.  Helps that he's pretty good at it.  Let me know what you think of Max's latest creation.


  1. He is a very good artist. Would probably need to find a niche subject matter that appeals to a lot of folk. Hopefully they would then go hunting for this type of work on etsy. I always find etsy too overloaded with similar stuff, and I quit looking. Maybe ebay would be a better site? Pricing would be critical too. How about entering local art shows? Getting his name known near you. Then word of mouth would be helpful.

  2. Not itsy....his skill is going to be valuable to some big companies and should be pursued.

  3. Max is an amazing artist. Probably the best I have ever seen. I really do mean that.