Monday, April 7, 2014

Manic Monday

Well, today is Monday and I am home.  Alyona and I are knocking out some school work today.  Sofie is starting to learn numbers.  Long road for both academically but we're on that road and we all have to start somewhere.  We had an extremely busy weekend.  In fact, all our weekends are booked up until July from here on out.  Unreal!  But it is a fun season and glad we're in the midst of it.  Soccer games were this past weekend and practice for the boys.  Time for Monday stuff.

  • Only one more Sunday soccer practice for Alex & Logan
  • Warren has class at work all week
  • Practice for younger kids I think will be cancelled tonight.  Just a guess due to weather
  • Raining all day today
  • Managed to stuff Summer's Easter Eggs for her class hunt this week
  • May go to a farm show w/ Alyona and Sofie this week
  • Speech back on this week
  • Still waiting for that stupid $20K from BCBS/ Advanced Bionics
  • No resolution w/ insurance this week, we may have to go to the media at some point
  • Yana has a track meet this week
  • Don't know Bojan's scuba schedule yet
  • Need to reschedule Irina's appointment
  • Worked hard on outside yard this past weekend
  • Soccer games this week
  • Summer has an Easter Egg Hunt at school
  • Haven't done any Easter shopping yet
  • Taxes have been mailed & now we wait
  • Waiting for insurance money as well from eye exams done recently
  • I hate dealing with insurance, can you tell
  • Warren's car passed inspection
  • My van needs oil change and inspection
  • Logan has been fundraising for school
  • We had a Bulgarian visitor this past weekend (more later)
  • Need to consign some items before I forget or before they take over the house
  • RV is going to get detailed soon
  • RV will go in for service soon (waiting on taxes)
  • Looking forward to our vacation/ birthday bash at the end of this month
  • Trying to figure out what we're doing about school this coming year
  • Behind on emails
  • Behind on blog posts
  • Everyone is now better.  Sickness has finally left here to not return!
  • Waiting for Bojan's new legs to come in
  • Some of us need new glasses
  • Need to pay bills
  • Reni wants to try a new sport
  • Had someone look at the house this past Saturday
  • Really want to sell the house and move
  • looking for a new pool liner
Much more.  Busy, busy.   But, again it is a good busy now that we're feeling human again.  LOL.  Last week wiped us out.  Really and truly did.  Got to get back.  Sofie is watching Blues Clues and Alyona is doing a math worksheet.  Got to go check Alyona's work, get lunch going and take care of a few other things around here.  Working on getting Sofie more involved in academics.  Fortunately, she is a sponge and wants to learn.  Enjoy your week.  More posts to come but much later today as we have things to get done around here.  

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