Monday, April 14, 2014

Blessings Abound!

Truly, we are blessed.  Our family is for the most part healthy and I consider that a huge blessing to be sure!  Lately, other blessings popping up here and there and let me tell you, it helps a large family immensely.  Our second oldest daughter is dating.  A great guy that we all like. He noticed Nik playing with legos the other day.  Said he had some spares.  Went ot his house, came back and had filled up Nik's bin! 

Reni and Bojan have been making things too.  Nice to have entertainment.  

This week, we were also given some snack food.  Now, having so many teens, food gets outrageous at times.  So any food is more than welcomed.  A sweet friend gave us quite a few bag fulls of snack foods such as granola bars, nutrigrain bars, trail mix, dried cranberries, etc.   Was just wonderful.  Thank you Ms. Carie!  

Another dear friend dropped off a few food items as well.  Thank you Ms. Rebecca!  Greatly appreciated.  

In addition to this, we were blessed w/ a package from a dear friend of mine from high school.  All the way from the great state of Alaska!  Big box full of clothes for Sofie.  As much as kids outgrow clothes, this was a huge relief.  Not to mention Sofie dug right in the box and has not worn anything but a favorite jacket she found. 

This is the jacket she loves now.  Sorry for the back shot.  Very generous of my friend.  Kelly, we love them!  

Just too many blessings to name.  Some think it is just a little something they're doing but it really makes a huge difference for us.  Over the years we have spent a small fortune on adoptions.  It's no secret, adoption is expensive.  However, once you see the orphanages, you just can't turn your back and do nothing.  We knew our life would never be a glamorous one once we gave up DINK status and brought the first set of kids home.  However, it is friends that we have that have made this possible.  Clothing and food helps out immensely.  Little things add up to big things and do allow us to adopt and help other kids in need.  When I say it makes a huge difference, I truly mean it.  The blessings that are bestowed upon us whether big or small have helped not just our kids, but many others.  I just want to thank everyone for making a difference in our kids' lives and the lives of others.  We do pay it forward whenever possible.  It is because of the small blessings over the years that has allowed us to adopt.  Allowed us to think ahead of what we want to do and what we need to do.  There are big decisions to make this year and what our future holds.  I can tell you this, every gift has meaning to our family greater than the gift itself.  I wish I could say thank  you in person to some of the gifts. Give that person a great big hug and let them know just how generous they are.  Thank you is just not enough. 

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