Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Belated Birthdays

Being so busy, never got to even post about two recent birthdays.  So, here goes. 

Our oldest son turned 19.  This is his last year as a teenager.  Hard to believe that little four year old in pink tights that we picked up from Russia has grown into a young man.

Max, getting ready to blow out some candles.

Not sure what got him laughing here but it did.

Max, growing up into a young man ready to get out into the world.  He will be graduating high school this year and seeking employment.  He can hardly wait.  Life is moving forward for him.

Max's birthday is at the end of March.  Reni's is a week later on April 2nd.  Reni turned 12 yo.

Happy and thinking of all her wishes she wants to come true.

Just a couple of us and some of the teen friends wishing her a Happy Birthday.

Reni, the year before she enters teenhood.  Can't believe it myself!  She was in diapers when we picked her up.  Literally!  Now, beautiful young lady.  Smart and full of potential.  Wishing her a very happy 12th year this year.  I know she'll go far.

We do not give our kids parties or gifts.  Dividing it up among everyone was just not working out well so last year we started our birthday bash.  Where we go on a trip and celebrate everyone's birthday all at once.  Last year it was snow tubing at Hawk's Nest.  This year, a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN in less than two weeks!  It was a gift to our family and more on that later.  Kids are looking very forward to an indoor water park and possible trip to great Smokey National Park for their birthday bash this year.  They are all growing up so very fast.  Next birthday is Alyona's on June 27th and we'll be coming home from our summer vacation that day.  So many birthdays but comfort in knowing they are here to celebrate them. 

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