Friday, April 25, 2014

And we're off!!!!

We are TN bound today.  Wahoo!!!  Will tell all about this awesome gift we received over Christmas when we get back.  As usual, focus is on family on vacation so no posts for a few days.  We are over the moon about this trip and plan to truly enjoy it.  Person who gave it to us truly has a generous heart.  More on everything when we get home.  We have made some big decisions this week and need a good break.  We are ready to relax after a very busy, hectic week.  Irina had her CT Scan this morning and allergy testing.  Always fun before a big trip, right?  Van is packed.  Kids are disappointed we're not taking the RV but hey, they won't be once they learn we're staying in condos!  New experience for us all.  Love it.  See you all on the flip side.  Enjoy your weekend folks.  I know we will.  Many pictures to come.  Lots to share as lots has happened.  Told you, busy week.  For those I need to get back to, I will soon. 

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