Monday, April 14, 2014

Alyona at Duke Ortho

Today was Alyona's followup appointment.  Went great!  Back looks good and not needed back till July.  She can resume normal activity w/ the exception of Lacrosse and Football.  So, cleared for all our upcoming vacations/ trips.  She was thrilled about that.  Now, the cyst on her hand/ arm.  It is at a risky place for surgery, right by the artery.  They are trying to compress it w/ an ace bandage to see how that does.  We are all trying to avoid surgery on that one. 

Kids had soccer practice this evening.  We cleaned the house today and kids are super motivated.  So the house we want to buy though long shot as we need to sell this one first and lots of interest in the house.  house we love!  It truly is ideal for our needs and our future needs.  It's not far from us at all and we are all just dreaming.  But, what is meant to be will be.  Also, bit out of the price range we are looking at.  We're looking all over at homes and land as well.  Meantime, really fixing this one up and getting all that pesty spring cleaning and decluttering done.  Have a post about our house for sale soon. 

It is spring break week.  Much to share.  Working on it.  Just been kept super duper busy.  More to come. 

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