Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Day Out

Yesterday was busy.  But, in a good way.  We decided to go out to a local spot called Go Play Outside Now.  Has so much for everyone of all ages to do.  All outside.  All to enjoy.  And enjoy we did.  I met up with two other families and in addition saw other families I hadn't seen in awhile.  Just made it very enjoyable and all the kids hung out together.

Nik on the tire swing.  A favorite  of his.

Summer had to be like big brother and go on the swing too.

Nik, just coming out of the slide.

Sofie coming down from her ride.  She tells me now she is a big girl and can do it herself!

Bigger kids spent half the time playing basketball and half the time playing laser tag.

Alex, hauling around Summer and Nik.

A friend and Logan getting ready to enjoy some roasted marshmallows.  Umm, Logan, I think they're burned!

We had so much stinking fun here.  All our kids hung out together.  All had a wonderful time.  We all roasted hotdogs over the fire pit. That was somewhat of an epic fail but we won't go there.  More hot dogs were dropped than not.  LOL.  Just truly enjoyed it all. Talking, taking in the sunshine and cool breezes, playing, getting to know new people, etc.  Fun times.  This was I think Friday.  I know I didn't take many pictures but honestly, too much fun enjoying hte place to worry about snapping some shots.  So many things to do in this area.  Glad my kids are willing to venture out. 

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