Friday, March 28, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Umm, this will have to be a condensed version of just a few kids.  Not because they all didn't do something thoughtful but because I truly have been in a fog and somewhat out of it with the vertigo, allergies, sinus stuff, and neck spasms.  Good news, neck spasms gone and vertigo is MUCH better.  So, here are a few I remember

Sofie-- I was really feeling rough and my kids new I was spinning.  Sofie grabs me by the hand and walks me to the bedroom saying "I help mommy.  I help mommy."  She would also come over, lean in and give me a kiss on the couch.  Very thoughtful of her

Summer-- she saw me working on hard boiled eggs the other day and asked if she could help.  Now, Summer has lots of issues but delightful nature.  This little egg peeling was VERY hard for her. But she did it till every single shell was off.  I did the entire pot but she stayed with that one egg and got it done. She was so proud.  Was thoughtful she wanted to help out.

Max-- yesterday was his birthday.  He comes home no matter how tired and entertains Sofie who waits for him to pick her up and take her all over the house.  On his shoulders usually.  Thoughtful he was thinking of someone else on his birthday besides himself.

there were other thoughtful things this week to be sure.  Just I really am on another level of exhaustion lately.  Great news is it's temporary and I know that.  All things considered, I got off easy this winter!  

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